Kat Mahoney, Creative Force

A little Piece of vintage Italy


Our Bubbly truck is currently under construction. She is a Vintage 1982 Piaggio Apé Vespacar imported directly from Italy.  Apé (ah-pey) meaning honey bee. We will be the first prosecco truck located on Cape Cod.  These pop up mobile bar businesses are making quite a splash in Europe and are now making their way state side. Look up prosecco truck on pinterest and you will find these chic little motos being used for many small creative endeavors.


Why Italy? Well, I fell in love with everything Italian at the age of 21 when I had the opportunity to study abroad, traveling the country for several months. Sitting in a Roman piazza drinking a bubbly spritz while watching one of these darling little carts meander through narrow streets takes me back to a joyful time. I am happy to create that moment for you, too.

"mom boss"


Working as a full time momma for the past six years has been the most memorable time in my life, but it's time to branch out. I am an artist specializing in photography, graphic design, and printmaking.  My entire career has been working with all women bosses. Friends who ran their own businesses and followed the dream, but most importantly were successful at it. I worked as a social media coordinator, blogger, and event specialist for a friend who started her own skin care line, another friend who runs a Luxury Make Up Artistry business, a woman run medical spa, and a woman owned hotel bar in Costa Rica. I bartended there when I was 23. All of this inspiration and experience had me yearning to break into my own creative outlet. 


Being a mom is the be all end all of event planner. At least it has been for myself. It's non-stop birthday parties, vacations, fundraisers, weddings, girls nights, festivals, farmer's markets, community events, and holidays. Incorporating everything I do into a working business just seemed like a no brainer, enter "mompreneur".  The research began and after a few months I found my passion project,  purchasing and designing a vintage vehicle that transforms into a Pop Up mobile bar. One year later and I am ready to launch this business. I will now get to meet new friends and attend events on the regular, celebrating the best moments of peoples lives. I can't wait to bring your unique vision to life.

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